CPC hires Dennis Ehrich as CIO



Kansas City, Missouri – January 3, 2022 – CPC Management, LLC has hired Dennis Ehrich as the
company’s first Chief Information Officer. Dennis will oversee a wide range of initiatives at CPC and its
operating businesses involving operations, product offerings, and technologies. Dennis joins CPC from
Attane where he spent three years as COO and CTO overseeing daily operations while redefining the
company’s digital vision. From 2007 to 2019, Dennis served as CTO of Service Management Group, a
multimillion-dollar experience management firm. He led the company’s conversion to a SaaS solutions
provider and increased product offerings 7-fold. Prior to that, Dennis worked for H&R Block in multiple
mid-level management roles. Dennis earned his MBA from the University of Missouri and a BA in
Economics from Denison University and was hired by Accenture immediately out of college.

This is the first strategic hire for CPC as it seeks to become a world class partner for great companies
and continue to build exceptional places to work.

About CPC Management

CPC Management is a subsidiary of CPC. CPC makes long term investments and is organized as a
company, not around funds like many traditional Private Equity firms. This structure enables CPC to
implement what it believes to be the best strategies to create defensible, long-term value aligning the
incentives of shareholders, management, and all stakeholders in CPC’s businesses. Sustainable
competitive advantage derives from long-term investments in innovation, workforce development, the
adoption of new technologies, and supply chain improvements.

CPC has many unique traits that differentiate it from traditional private equity firms. CPC is owned by
large family offices and successful entrepreneurs that are collectively aligned around long-term
decision making and wealth creation. CPC was formed from the merging of Curran Companies’ and C3
Capital’s management teams. CPC seeks to deploy $600MM to $700MM into lower middle market
businesses over the next five years. It does not use enterprise leverage to fund acquisitions, instead
focusing management teams to excel in what CPC calls the Five Key Battles™: People, Systems and
Processes, Execution, Customer Intimacy, and Product Leadership. Prior to forming CPC, the
management team has invested in over 100 businesses covering a wide variety of industries. CPC’s
website can be found at CPC.LLC and any inquiries can be directed to abutler@cpc.llc.