Why Perpetual

Our perpetual structure enables us to implement the best strategies to create defensible long-term value without regard to time horizon.

CPC is a company, not a traditional private equity fund

Sustainable competitive advantage derives from long-term investments in innovation, workforce development, adoption of new technologies, and supply chain improvements.

CPC believes deeply in the power of compounding return, and that the best way to grow wealth over time is by investing in great businesses.


Five Key BattlesTM

We believe that strong, sustainable financial performance is driven by consistent success across the Five Key Battles™.

The Five Key Battles™ are never fully won or lost; waging them is a constant, evolutionary challenge as businesses grow and industries change. Our goal is to support and challenge management to build businesses that continually improve in these areas over time.

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  • Culture, mission, and communication
  • Align, measure, celebrate success

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Operational Systems

  • Technology investment and adoption
  • Timely, reliable, information management

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Execution Capabilities

  • Multiple methods of excellent product/service delivery
  • Alignment of the right team for the right situation

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Customer Intimacy

  • Target customer sets and distinct value propositions
  • Customer lifetime value

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Product Leadership

  • Constant improvement
  • Product development as a distinct organizational “muscle”

Perpetual Value Creation

Our flywheel for perpetual value creation reflects our approach to building durable, capital efficient businesses.



Source durable, capital efficient businesses to acquire and grow

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Management Teams

Ensure management teams share our values on culture, perpetual value creation, and successful team integration

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Support management to win the Five Key Battles™

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Reinvest & Diversify

Reinvest investment returns into our growing businesses and diversify into new businesses