Our Heritage

After working together for many years, the partners of Curran Companies and C3 Capital created CPC with the shared vision of becoming world class partners for great companies.

Curran Companies

  • Perpetual equity value creation strategy
  • Invested in 14 companies since 2009
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C3 Capital

  • Subordinated Debt and Equity
  • $600+ million invested across 3 SBIC funds
  • 87 investments since 2003

Our Principals’ Experience Includes the Following Industries:


American Apparel
Grunt Style

CPC’s partners have a successful history of investing in consumer businesses, particularly those with unique products and that are category leaders within a chosen niche. We target data-oriented brands.


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We target niches in this sector where there is innovation to reduce costs and increase efficiency or speed to market for new therapies. We will generally avoid businesses that have significant payor reimbursement risks.


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Aerospace components and services present regulatory and capital intensive dynamics which our teams have consistently managed as key barriers to entry. Our experience in aerospace provided mission critical, highly specialized, products and services ranging from hydroform precision machining to day-based B2B general aviation operations. Ultimately, our category-leading market presence in these niche areas of the aerospace industry have resulted in recurring customer relationships.


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Our successful experiences matched low cyclicality and secular growth with modern assets and high contribution margins to deliver strong sustained return on assets. We seek niche market leaders that deeply understand their customers’ needs and respond with product improvements as they arise.

Environmental Services

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CPC’s partners have significant experience building successful niche environmental firms. We seek to make investments in environmental companies that are niche oriented and successfully manage specific elements required by the long term trend of increasing local and national environmental operating requirements.

Portable Power

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Our experience in the portable power industry spans across market leaders from the automotive aftermarket spaces to highly specialized medical, marine, and industrial. In all instances, our products were best-of-breed within their niche resulting in strong market positioning where customers needed our products for mission critical use. Our management teams utilized global supply chains to create flexible cost structures which allowed for consistent product improvements over time for the customer and high return on assets for the business.

Facility Services

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Facility Services is a critical aspect of our customers’ asset ownership. We have invested in businesses participating in all parts of facility management in the education, commercial, health care, industrial and special use industries. Our teams have had strong success in niche areas that generate recurring, predictable revenues and profits, and require specialized knowledge of particular facility types. In addition, the global pandemic and demand for sustainable sanitization has added new growth drivers for these businesses.

Critical Infrastructure

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Critical infrastructure services install, calibrate, maintain, and replace industrial equipment that our customers use to provide service to the end user. Arenas such as telecommunications, wind, solar, power generation, and broadband all require responsive and specialized capabilities where niche leaders can differentiate. Our experience in infrastructure services focused more on non-installation oriented services where high return in assets, lower cyclicality, and overall deeper customer loyalty exists.

Professional Sports

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The Professional Sports industry is an area where high customer satisfaction transfers to exponentially stronger customer lifetime value. Our team believes deeply in the benefits of sports on communities, and the economic activity generated from well-run world class sports facilities. As the industry has progressed, fan engagement data is becoming more and more important to creating exceptional in-stadium, streaming and broadcast, and non-game day fan experiences.

B2B Automation

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Maverick Technologies
Our experience in B2B Automation spans from telematics to hardware and software installation, to process automation and visualization. These companies deliver critical operational value to our customers who are using our solutions in their operation every day. Ultimately, our best outcomes in these areas are tied to consistent improvement of a recurring customer relationship.

Food & Restaurants

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Our team’s experience in Food & Restaurants spans from fast food to fine dining to traditional food distribution. We have partnered with teams that deeply believe in operational excellence & measurement to be their most critical barrier to entry. Most importantly, these teams firmly believe they are in the customer and employee experience businesses. Strong culture, incentives, and communication lead to lower employee turnover which directly correlates to best-in-breed customer experiences.

Real-Time Distribution

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CPC’s partners have had prior success investing in distribution businesses where technology and innovative logistics and fulfillment strategies proved to be differentiators. We seek niches where a distribution company can drive significant value to a supply chain.


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CPC’s principals have a deep set of experiences within the specialty chemicals industry. We have had strong success marrying engineering, manufacturing, and distribution to create and sell innovative products that provide differentiated outcomes for our customers. Our experience has shown that focusing on niche, specialty products and markets, with consistent investments in product improvement and healthy balance sheets can result in very attractive businesses over time.


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There are both huge and growing needs and massive innovation taking place within the education industry today, and the pandemic has only accelerated these trends. We seek growing businesses in small niches that have substantial room to run. Past partner investments have included a publisher of children’s books, a SAAS business focused on university graduate recruitment, and a SAAS business for elementary and secondary schools to manage special education requirements.

The investments shown above were not made by CPC, but rather were made by Companies affiliated with some of the Principals of CPC Management, LLC.