CPC is a company – not a fund – with a distinct mission to Buy, Build, and Hold™ great businesses for the long-term. Because we are aligned around long-term decision making and wealth creation, we look to the Five Key Battles™ to shape continuous improvement and progress in these critical areas:

  1. People
  2. Operational Systems
  3. Execution Capabilities
  4. Customer Intimacy
  5. Product Leadership

Though they are never fully won or lost, we believe that sustainable financial performance is driven by consistent success across these Five Key Battles (5KBs) so our goal is to support and challenge management to build businesses that continually improve in these areas over time.

The Five Key Battles provide an organized way to think about and address the challenges that every management team, sole proprietor, and CEO faces, regardless of the maturity, employee count or market position of their business. So, just for fun – and with a little help from ChatGPT – we applied the 5KBs to one of the oldest, most efficient, and world-renowned companies in the world – Santa’s Workshop.


Recruitment: Santa seeks passionate, skilled individuals who embody the spirit of giving. He looks for elves with diverse talents and a strong work ethic.

Training: Continuous skill development and cross-training ensure elves can adapt to various tasks. There might even be workshops on new toy-making technologies.

Culture: Creating a supportive, festive, and inclusive environment fosters loyalty and dedication among the elves.

Operational Systems:

Efficiency: Santa leverages magical technology to streamline operations. His Naughty-or-Nice list might employ advanced data analytics for better efficiency.

Supply Chain: Santa maintains strong relationships with suppliers and employs magic to manage logistics effectively, ensuring toys get delivered on time.

Execution Capabilities:

Project Management: The workshop operates like a well-oiled machine, with clear timelines and milestones. Agile methodologies might be in play to adapt to changing toy demands.

Quality Control: Stringent quality checks ensure that every toy meets Santa’s high standards before it’s packed onto the sleigh.

Customer Intimacy:

Personalization: Santa knows every child’s wishes and tailors gifts accordingly. His deep understanding of children’s desires fosters a special bond.

Feedback Loop: Santa listens, perhaps through his network of helpful little scouts, to understand evolving preferences, ensuring he stays in tune with the desires of kids around the world.

Product Leadership:

Innovation: Santa’s workshop constantly innovates, introducing new toys that captivate children’s imagination. The R&D department, led by the ingenious elves, works year-round to create magical new items.

Trend Analysis: Santa keeps an eye on global toy trends, blending tradition with innovation to ensure his offerings remain cutting-edge.

In summary, Santa’s workshop excels in fostering a talented workforce, employing magical technology for efficient operations, maintaining exceptional execution standards, nurturing a deep connection with customers, and continuously innovating to maintain product leadership. All in the spirit of spreading joy and happiness across the globe!

It just goes to show how universally these principles can be applied to companies large or small, new or established, fictional or real…

Happy holidays from all of us at CPC.

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The material presented herein was created with the assistance of ChatGPT and is used for illustrative purposes only.